Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Luštica Peninsula, Centrale isn’t an ordinary town centre; it’s a vibrant hub where life thrives. It’s where residents and visitors of Luštica Bay unite to live, play, connect, and fully embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle. Imagine a dynamic nucleus that not only brings the town together but also seamlessly connects the waterfront Marina Village and the forthcoming hillside neighborhood of The Peaks. Drawing inspiration from typical Mediterranean squares, Piazza has been meticulously crafted as the place where people meet, gather, share laughter, and effortlessly complete their own errands.

Centrale transcends being just a picturesque backdrop; it’s an inviting and vivacious destination where streets pulse with vitality. The bustling Piazza forms an irresistible tapestry of shops, cafes, galleries, and restaurants, promising an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

Architectural Harmony: A Canvas of Inspiration

In this breathtaking setting, architectural ingenuity takes center stage as a tribute to the rich Mediterranean heritage. Here, the design philosophy seamlessly marries modernity with the natural beauty of the Luštica Peninsula.

A Thriving Community Year-Round

Laced with dynamic streets and a lively Piazza, Centrale is crafted to serve as a harmonious fusion of spirited energy and residential tranquility throughout the year. This vibrant atmosphere already embraces the essence of living, working, and leisure in one place of Luštica Bay’s vibrant international community. Centrale offers not only sports facilities and exquisite architecture but also verdant park with outdoor gym and bocce court where you can reconnect with nature.


The Grand Piazza: A New Place to Discover

The Grand Piazza isn’t merely a square; it’s a sensory journey into the heart of Mediterranean living. This bustling epicenter boasts a diverse dining scene, catering to all tastes. Imagine the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting from Java Caffe. Savour the flavours of octopus goulash and the traditional delight of kačamak at Luča, a national restaurant. Centrale’s culinary diversity mirrors the cultural richness that defines the region. For those seeking libations, The Popov Premium Bar is a treasure trove of delights. It offers a diverse selection of beers, fine wines, exquisite cocktails, and flavorful bar bites, ensuring that every craving is satisfied. Be sure to visit the Luštica Beauty Bar, a haven for indulgent pampering and self-care, offering a serene atmosphere and rejuvenating treatments.

Culture and Community: A Vibrant Tapestry

In the heart of this vibrant international community, Centrale stands as a testament to the harmonious blending of culture, architecture, and outdoor living with its own unique rhythm. Sundays come alive with the organic food market at the Piazza, where fresh seasonal produce fills the air with tantalizing scents. Live concerts serenade the square with music ranging from classical to contemporary. Fashion enthusiasts gather for boutique runway shows that dazzle and inspire.

A grand chessboard invites visitors to partake in an age-old European tradition, where generations come together over a timeless game. The Piazza serves as a cultural crossroads where traditions endure, forging lasting bonds among the diverse Luštica Bay community where residents converse in over 40 languages.


A Place to Play: Sports Centrale

Centrale is a mecca for sports enthusiasts. Here, residents engage in friendly yet fiercely competitive games of tennis, volleyball, basketball, and the rapidly growing sport of padel. Tournaments and championships bring the community together for thrilling showdowns. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an occasional player, you can soak in the excitement of live competitions and catch national and international sports on the grand TV screen. Additionally, Centrale serves as the prime location for hosting renowned sports summer camps like the ‘Train Like a Champ’ programme by the celebrated Vlade Divac, offering the next generation a chance to hone their skills and passion for basketball in an exceptional environment.

The Place to Be: Crafters of Cherished Memories

Centrale and its lively Piazza are not just destinations; they’re where memories are crafted, bonds are forged, and the community resonates with the vibrant culture, sports, and togetherness. In this dynamic hub, residents and visitors alike weave a tapestry of cherished family moments, celebrating the rich tapestry of life.

The Dynamic Vision of Luštica Bay: A Glimpse into the Future

Beyond its current offerings, Luštica Bay envisions a future where Centrale evolves into a seasoned, integrated town centre, providing essential services for year-round residents. Ambitious plans include the establishment of a private international school and a hospital at the heart of Centrale, ensuring that residents have access to top-tier education and healthcare without leaving the community. Lustica Bay aspires to be a place where every aspect of life is just footsteps away, from shopping, dining, education, and healthcare to picturesque marinas, waterfronts, beaches, and golf courses. This is more than a place; it’s the embodiment of a promise of a high-quality life footsteps from the Adriatic Sea.