On February 14th, as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, imagine finding yourself in the romantic embrace of Luštica Bay, Montenegro.

This picturesque place, nestled on the Adriatic coast, offers an idyllic setting for couples seeking to celebrate their love. Whether it’s for a heartfelt proposal, a tranquil honeymoon retreat, or a serene backdrop for quality time together, Luštica Bay provides the perfect setting. Its charming apartments and stunning vistas make it a prime destination for those seeking a memorable celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day history: traditions and gifts

Valentine’s Day is a time-honored tradition with a rich history, traced back to Saint Valentine, a symbol of love and bravery. Originating from Rome’s Lupercalia festival, which celebrated fertility, it transformed into a romantic day due to St. Valentine, a priest who defied Emperor Claudius II by performing secret weddings. Officially recognized in 496 by Pope Gelasius I, its romantic association strengthened in the Middle Ages. The tradition of exchanging cards, dating back to the 18th century, symbolizes love’s diverse expressions. From handmade, anonymous notes to a flourishing industry, Valentine’s cards remain a deeply personal expression of affection, embodying the day’s essence of celebrating love in various forms.

Valentine’s Day in Montenegro

Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2024 in Montenegro embraces a blend of traditional and modern romantic gestures. 


While there may not be unique local customs like in some countries, like Denmark, where lovers exchange pressed white flowers called snowdrops, or in South Korea, where the celebration lasts several months and has different themes, in Montenegro Valentine’s day is marked by universal symbols of love such as exchanging flowers, sweets, and valentines.

What sets Montenegro apart is its offerings for a special romantic experience. Many restaurants and hotels across the country create a perfect ambiance for love with candlelit dinners and packages for couples. These escapes provide an ideal setting to step away from the daily routine and immerse in an atmosphere filled with romance and adventure, making Valentine’s Day in Montenegro a memorable celebration of love.

A Perfect Romantic Retreat

If you are looking for real magic and breathtaking views, take advantage of the rental special offer from Luštica Bay. This is the most romantic place to celebrate the month of love.


Our EXCLUSIVE COUPLES PACKAGE for Valentine’s Day 2024 starts with a warm welcome of sparkling wine, tempting local delicacies and a scene set for romance. Enjoy days overlooking the sparkling Adriatic, exploring historic towns or simply revelling in the privacy of your exquisite apartment. Wake up to a delicious complimentary breakfast each day, and find time to connect, relax and indulge your senses, from exquisite dining beside the marina to spectacular sunsets over the bay.

From the 9th til the 16th of February, stay 2 nights or more and enjoy prices from just €140/night for apartments in Centrale or €180/night in Marina Village. Early check-in and check-out at 4pm help you savour every romantic moment.

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Love is in the Air

Love is set to be the main attraction at Lustica Bay, and we’re thrilled to spread the romantic atmosphere worldwide!
As Valentine’s Day draws near, we’re transforming our community into a hub of love and inviting everyone to partake in the festivities.
Our retailers are offering some fantastic deals. These exclusive Valentine’s Day promotions will establish Lustica Bay as the ultimate destination for love and magic.

Here’s a preview of what our retailers have in store:

  • – Tenero: Avail a 15% discount on the entire MC2 Saint Barth collection on February 13th and 14th.
  • – Home Glow: Receive a 10% discount on home décor items for all customers. Homeowners at Lustica Bay get an additional 10%, totaling a 20% discount. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring a romantic touch to your living space!
  • Sophie’s Beauty Line: Embrace self-love with a 50% discount throughout the entire week of love (February 12th – 18th).
  • – Luca: Attend a special event featuring local singer Žuti Šerhatlić. Enjoy a delightful dinner with an exclusive menu for €55.00 per person.

But there’s more!
For Valentine’s Day, we’re planning to adorn the Dome in front of the Amphitheater, creating a romantic setting for couples. The Dome will be decorated from February 12th to 18th and will feature a special F&B offer during this time.

We invite everyone to enjoy a romantic dinner at any restaurant along Marina Promenade or Piazza Centrale. For an added touch, leave your kids at our brand-new Kids Club Centrale, where they’ll have a safe and enjoyable time while you savor your evening.
Let’s make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable at Lustica Bay!