Have you ever dreamed of a home away from home, by the sea, to be your safe anchorage or a sweet escape when needed? To buy a property in Montenegro a place to belong is always a good idea, but we wanted to give you both hands full of reasons why you should become a Luštica Bay resident. We believe that the more you know, the easier the decision is!

Reason 1 – Luštica Bay is a Part of Orascom Development Holding Family

Orascom Development Holding is a Swiss-based company featuring the unique business model of building resort towns with a proven track record for over 35 years, operating in 9 countries across 3 (three) continents. ODH is a part of a big family of companies working under Orascom Economic Group and operating in more than 20 countries in 10 types of industries and employing more than 120,000 people.

Even if Orascom owns over 100 million sqm landbank, the building is only effective on less than 10% of it, as preserving the environment is one of the most important aims. Orascom operates 33 hotels directly or in a business arrangement, with 20,000 employees.

The reputation, dedication, and professionalism of Orascom are an advantage for anyone who plans to buy a property at one of their developments but, we strongly recommend our sanctuary – Luštica Bay!

Orascom Development Holding

Reason 2 – A Great Position and Connectivity

Luštica Bay is perfectly located and well connected via air, roads, and sea. There are three international airports in the close vicinity of our destination – two in Montenegro and one in Croatia:

– Tivat (TIV) – just 10 km (15-min drive) away

– Podgorica (TGD) – the Capital of Montenegro, just 70 km away, and

– Ćilipi (DBV) in Dubrovnik, Croatia – just 65 km away.

Besides the official flying connections, Luštica Bay has its heliport. Besides, access to the open sea through the recently built marina is provided, and this makes Luštica Bay more and more popular to yacht owners and boat lovers. 

Reason 3 – Local Community & Heritage Preservation with a Green Approach

Respecting the areas where we do business, Orascom Development Holding refuses to build resort towns unless the history, tradition, architecture, nature provisions and local community are fully respected and mirrored in the development plans.

Urban planning is of extreme importance, and we can assure you that Luštica Bay will not hide any subsequent add-ons that would block views or access. Our resort town is a greenfield investment, and this means that every detail matters from infrastructure to a lantern position.

 Local Community & Heritage Preservation with a Green Approach

Reason 4 – All You Need is Here!

Luštica Bay is a very big development surface-wise, which is only at its construction beginning. Marina Village is in the heart of our town resort, which showcases a masterpiece marina, the amphitheatre, a buzzing promenade lined with shops, and the lighthouse keeping the gates to the marina entrance.

Everything you need you will find here at your fingertips – from a 5-star hotel to numerous restaurants, shops, boutiques, beaches, all followed by distinguished service and amusing events.

Reason 5 – Wide Range of Homes and Apartments

Luštica Bay is not one size fit all! We care about your needs, and thus, we offer a wide diversity of Montenegro properties. You can pick from 35 to 55m2 studios to investment property options such as townhouses, detached and semi-detached villas, and exclusive villas. In total, we currently offer not less than 15 different types of real estate units, featuring the purchase off-plan, under construction, built or resale.

Wide Range of Homes and Apartments

Reason 6 – Legal Knowledge & Support

Paperwork is always the most tiring part when you decide to buy a property. That is why our Sales Team has created a personalised approach where you receive all information on notaries, legal advisors, processes, legal requirements. The best part is that all transaction costs are covered by Luštica Bay, including notary, court interpreter, lodging during the contract signing, involvement of brokers or sales partners.

Reason 7 – Taxes

At Luštica Bay, you will be buying directly from the developer so there will be no real estate transfer taxes involved.

Reason 8 – Flexibility

At Luštica Bay, you get the opportunity for an extended interest-free payment plan over several years, with a minimal down payment. You can move in immediately after you make a down payment, and you can even rent your new property out, even before the ownership is fully transferred.

Reason 9 – Property & Rental Management

When it comes to property management – customer service, repairs, and security are available 24/7 to all property owners at Luštica Bay. An exclusive year-round property management and maintenance service, including upkeep, maintenance, and landscaping are available at a preferential charge.

With our Residential Rental Program, it’s easy to capitalise on your purchase in Luštica Bay whenever you’re not enjoying it with family and friends. Additionally, we developed a mobile Luštica Bay app as a peculiar insider’s guide to finding your way around Luštica Bay. The app is useful for homeowners to handle all issues as all the features can be done from the app directly. 

Blue Cave

Reason 10 – Active Destination

The first and, for foreseeable future, the only Montenegrin 18-hole championship golf course is slowly getting its shape as we started building our first golf residences. It is not only golf that will keep our residents and visitors active, as we have already built additional sports amenities at our Centrale neighbourhood. Now, all our visitors can book basketball, tennis, bocce, or volleyball appointments, while additionally, we offer archery, sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, hiking and biking trails around the Luštica peninsula.

Honestly, we could count at least ten more reasons, but we don’t want you to think that we lack modesty. (smiling) To conclude this part, we need to add that Luštica Bay lifestyle means living in an international community with more than 50 nationalities present and without a single nationality holding the majority in the homeowners’ demographics. We guarantee – this is your home away from home and a place to belong!

Read more on Buyers Guide at this link, and contact our Sales department here, for any questions you might have!