Interview with Tafilj Markovic, SWI Montenegro Director

A story of investing in whisky came to Luštica Bay wrapped up in the Dutch brand MO ÒR. At Scotch Whisky Investments, which began its life in the Netherlands in 2007, they explained to us that regarding liquidity, whisky is positioned somewhere in between shares and real estate. Fun fact about MO ÒR brand is that it is only served in 5-star hotels and Michelin-star restaurants around the world.

Their unique shop located at The Promenade of our Marina village offers an exclusive selection of 55 different whiskies aged between 20 to 40 years. We had a nice chat with Mr Tafilj Markovic, a gentleman director of the Montenegrin branch of Scotch Whisky Investments, one of the very few in the whole world! During the conversation, we learned a lot about this interesting business opportunity and would love to share these interesting facts and insights with you! Enjoy reading!

Mr Tafilj Markovic

LB: Simply put, what makes investing in single malt whisky the right move?

TM: When investing in Scotch Single Malt whisky, there are two key factors: limited production and the highest possible quality, which is the main goal when producing the Scotch Single Malt whisky. When you combine these two factors, you get a product that is a status symbol at the same time. This whisky can be easily stored for a long time so, therefore, as long as it is closed in the bottle, its quality is preserved, and we get a strong and stable product, which instils confidence in many people.

On the investment scene, investing in whisky was not significantly recognised until recently, let’s say some ten years ago. For instance, wine as an investment has been on the market for around 35 years. Scotch Whisky International developed the service in 2007 and told the world to look at Scotch Single Malt whisky as an investment opportunity, not just as a product to consume or a collection. Investors reacted wonderfully, and that is why today we have such significant growth indicators of the value of whisky as a commodity.

The peculiarity of whisky investment is that the market is global, and production capacities are extremely limited. Hence, we deal with large demand and limited production because our focus is on whisky older than 25 years, which accounts for only 0.7 % of total whisky production. It goes like this – when you drink one bottle of Single Malt over the age of 25, the other one automatically gains in value. In the last ten years, this fact increased the value of whisky by over 580 % compared to other products we mentioned (such as wine), which have recorded growth between 100 and 200 %.

Although these analyses are global, we at Scotch Whisky International know that this is the case because we regularly monitor and analyse the market based on various inputs from reputable investment companies and our database collected since 2007.

LB: What was the most significant return on whiskey investment that has happened?

TM: At Scotch Whisky International, we are very proud to have results that made a difference in alternative investments worldwide. For instance, one of the bottle owners from our vault made a profit that exceeded several hundred per cent. Speaking of asset management contracts – our clients’ portfolio ranges from 8 %, and it can reach up to 15 % or 16 % annually.

Scotch Whisky International

LB: What is your favourite single malt, and how would you describe its taste in words?

TM: Scotch single malt whisky is, in simple words something magical! Such a combination of taste, smell, and colour is impossible to find in any other drink.

Tastes are different! I would recommend Mortlach from 1954 or Glenlivet from 1952 that aged 65 years in a barrel. I also drink not so old and expensive whiskies such as Benromach, 41 years old, or Benromach, 15 years old whisky. It is an incredible feeling for whisky lovers, and we should be grateful for these rare Scotch Single Malts.

LB: You have a boat, a home, and a business at Luštica Bay. Could you tell us why is this the right place to live and work, in your opinion?

TM: In addition to being tied to Montenegro as my home country, when I was thinking of the internationalisation of SWI – a clear vision decided – we offer an exclusive product that should be available in an incompatible destination!

By building the Luštica Bay town resort, Orascom Development Holding is transforming the whole region in the eyes of investors globally, bringing them to Montenegro and promoting our country as an exclusive tourist and investment in real estate in Montenegro destination. In addition to the abovementioned, Lustica Bay has many more qualities, and there is always time for enjoyment. Besides the comfort and the lovely ambience, this small community became a place where people like to spend time. Thus, at Lustica Bay, you can combine business and social life perfectly; it all blends in nicely, and there is no better place to live, work and play!

MO ÒR Whisky

LB: How would you define freedom and life as they should be?

TM: People who have lost their freedom once could best describe what freedom means! We live in globalisation times, and we mostly speak about democracy, human rights, and freedoms, while freedom is never less! Humankind lives in irony! We were born free but, we deny freedom. The social norms are affecting our behaviour in various ways, starting from fear of society and fear of being who we are. My message is – do not fear your mistakes, failures, other people’s opinions, condemnation. Listen to your heart because it knows the way! One smart person said: live every day as if it was you last.

The Orascom slogan ‘life as it should be‘ is very deep and meaningful if you look at it from this point of view!


Thank you, Mr Markovic! We enjoyed talking to you and we know that our readers will enjoy too.

If you are interested to find out more about this rare investment opportunity, get in touch with SWI Montenegro team here.