The Restaurant You Shouldn’t Miss This Autumn/Winter:
Kiki’s by Luštica Bay


The Mediterranean in general, also the Adriatic, attract the attention of travellers since forever as the most beautiful summer stop tourists could imagine! We are proud to say that summer 2021 was a summer to remember, and it presented Luštica Bay as an inevitable destination!

We have finished another memorable summer season with exciting offers, top-notch restaurants, chic beach bars, and spectacular events. However, the end of summer does not mean the end of good fun at Luštica Bay. On the contrary, Luštica Bay is the destination for all seasons, as we continue at the same pace with equally vigorous energy and dedication. We entered summer 2021 above excited to present the novelties in our diverse offer, exclusively the curiosities in the gastronomic sphere. One of them was Kiki’s at Luštica Bay – our newest addition to the vibrant Promenade collection. 

Kiki’s at Luštica Bay

Located at the sole entrance to the Promenade, Kiki’s has quickly appeared at the top of the lists of best restaurants recommendations and indeed proved to be the setting where you will be thrilled to spend your afternoons or opt for a light dinner accompanied by excellent service, and a rich selection of Mediterranean and national dishes.

Kiki’s visitors, either locals, tourists, or residents of our resort, are intrigued by the instinctive design of this lovely restaurant, which gives you a sensation of eternity and peace. If you didn’t visit, we invite you to experience this ambient on a different level while indulging in the sensational palette of fresh, homemade ingredients produced into mouth-watering dishes and combined with first-class wines.

Kiki Hosting

And who is Kiki?

And, you wonder who is behind the idea of the whole Kiki’s concept? Federica Scolari aka Kiki is a brilliant lady originally from Italy, who started her business in faraway Egypt, on the Red Sea in El Gouna, in cooperation with Orascom Development Holding. Kiki started her culinary story a few decades ago when she opened a small restaurant and introduced Egyptians to the charms of Italian cuisine. She worked in her restaurant as the head chef, as an assistant and as a waitress as well, intending to perfect her dishes and cooking skills, for which she became famous. And, she did it all with a radiant smile on her face! Egypt was just the beginning of her thrilling journey and the long-standing love for Italy that she expresses through her culinary art. Kiki has chosen Montenegro and Luštica Bay as a new place she calls her home.

Everyone who met Kiki is delighted with her energy and her approach to guests and the restaurant. You will often see her chatting with guests and being more than happy to explain the recipes, ingredients, and the process of preparing the plates.


Kiki Organised a Lunch with Influence

Kiki did her magic earlier this month (October 2021), when we had the great honour to invite the most popular Montenegrin influencers, as well as media representatives in the field of travel and food. We presented them with the exclusive concept followed by the dynamic energy of Kiki’s place. Our distinguished guests had the opportunity to join us for the premiere of the new winter menu of Kiki’s restaurant. The guests were chaperoned by the charming Kiki herself, who best portrayed the Mediterranean spirit of her inspiring cuisine. As always, she was an amazing host, and she shared her earliest experiences as a chef in a small restaurant in Egypt during this afternoon gathering with our dear guests.


Winter Offer at Kiki’s

If you were wondering what Kiki’s recommendation from autumn/winter menu would be, she says this ‘I’d advise visitors to taste Celery & Truffle Soup as starter, combined with the Ossobuco with Risotto ala Milanese and, of course, a classical Tiramisu!

With the presentation of the new menu, we want to invite you to enjoy the unique delicacies and the beautiful cosy ambience here at Kiki’s, which is open during the whole year. Furthermore, Kiki’s has assembled live music and DJ vinyl sessions every FridaySaturday, and Sunday. So now, you know where you will be spending your weekends this autumn and winter season, and holidays season as well.

Stay tuned for more fun comings in our community, and we guarantee you good times, delicious food, and a boost of positive energy.

For more information and reservations please contact
Kiki’s by Luštica Bay:

Email: reservations.kiki@lusticabay.com
  Mobile: +382 67 104 935