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It is with pleasure that we share the insights from the recent concert of one of the most popular music stars of the Balkan region – Severina Vučković, who gave her first interview after a year and a half, exclusively to our team!


We were genuinely honoured and deeply touched by a special announcement she chose to share with us mid-concert!

This video interview was created at the Lobby bar of The Chedi Luštica Bay hotel.

Severina Lustica Bay

LB team: What are your impressions of Lustica Bay and this part of Montenegro?

Severina: In Montenegro, you have beautiful, laidback people who I like a lot and I am so happy to be here. I am so thrilled to be at Lustica as I heard about it several years ago from my friends who had vacationed here, and now that I am here, I can say that you should be proud of what you have. The aesthetics and the whole environment are stunning, and I congratulate you on this project!

Lustica Bay Severina Concert

LB team: Performing by the sea seems like a perfect match for you, isn’t it?

Severina: That is how my career started when I was 14, at the hotel by the sea, singing for Czech guests who didn’t understand a word, but they listened to us anyway. Here at Lustica, I asked for the concert to be close to the sea, as it gets too hot during the performance and then I want to jump into the sea once I finish the concert. (laugh)