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This summer, we brought light to the Montenegrin coast in the marvellous Lightwave Spectacle, illuminating our bay, sky, and the sea.


Let us guide you through the astonishing month of August at Luštica Bay in the video below, accentuating our summer highlights! Evoke your memories if you visited or enjoy the enlightenment if you missed it and prepare for the next season as summers that beam will, most definitely, become our tradition!


The first-ever Lightwave Spectacle in Montenegro was held at Luštica Bay, and it has turned the sky into a canvas of magical colours and illuminating art! The technology, creativity, and design worked in harmony, creating unforgettable luminous memories. Lightwave Spectacle sent our eyes and minds on a journey into a world of blooming skies as we witnessed the horizon shine and sea dance in its reflective waves.


The glorious Adriatic Sea was the home to gleaming ships, multicoloured installations, and floating works of bright art and our senses were taken over by unforgettable music compositions from timeless classics and Opera pieces to Electronic, Funk, and Disney’s fairytale soundtracks in harmonious sync with outstanding laser shows, 3D light art, and mesmerising fire dance performances.


It all started with the grand opening of the region’s biggest and first-of-its-kind Lightwave Spectacle! It took place on August 7th, from 9:00 pm, when Luštica Bay’s large breakwaters, lighthouse, and iconic cave entrance were the main watchpoints. This unique Lightwave Spectacle was set to become one of the main attractions of the nightlife on the Boka Bay coastline.

The light gazing continued every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It created an experience that we will never forget, with Specials on every Saturday bringing the ultimate experience with animators, fireworks and much more! The Lightwave was indeed an event to create the best visual memories of summer 2021!


In addition to the lights and lasers, the main stars of the Light Spectacle were multicoloured installations of illuminated ships, floating in the Luštica Bay Marina, swaying on the moonlit sea surface.

Visitors made their Instagram memories unforgettable with illuminated spheres and angel wings, which were a beautiful decoration of the Luštica Bay Marina and an opportunity to capture creative moments with cameras and mobile phones.


The magnificent finale took place on September 4th with lavish fireworks, an explosion of colours, sound, and fantastic animation. We were thrilled by seeing the excitement in our visitors’ eyes (many photos featuring this article will witness this), and we look forward to planning to illuminate every coming summer that will bloom on the Lustica Peninsula.